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Go Home Packet

Congratulations on your new family member! Please find your puppy's "Go Home Packet" below. 

You will receive via email:

  • Wellness exam

  • Medical Report

  • Microchip number and registration information

  • Completed copy of your contract

  • ALAA Registration

Please be sure to review the 2 week schedule found below as well as the shopping list. 

Review our Flight Information Page prior to your assigned Transportation Day. 

Microchip Information

Your puppy will be microchipped. 

I have already paid the lifetime registration fee. 

Go to and select "Register Now"

buddy id_edited.jpg

Medical Report

Your puppy's medical report will include the Vaccination and Deworming history. 

Medical Record - 010120 Sample Puppy.jpg

ALAA Registration

Our puppies are registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. 

We will provide you with a certificate to join the ALAA Pet PALs program

*Since we cannot register the puppies until they have been microchiped at 7 weeks of age, occasionally the ALAA registration certificates will not be provided until after the puppies go home. We get these certificates to our adopting families as soon as we can, however we cannot control when the ALAA offices are closed due to holidays, weather, etc. 



All Shadow Mountain puppies go home pre enrolled with Trupanion. 

Families must call and activate this offer within 24 hour of the puppy going home. (day before, day of, day after)

How do you sign up? 

  1. Call Trupanion at 855-266-2156

  2. When asked by the agent, provide your breeder's code: BR1SM10215

Shadow Mountain Go Home Day Offer v1120.

Kids and Puppies Interactions

Bringing home a new puppy is SO exciting! Please review these tips to help make the transition smooth with your children. 

Kids and Puppies Interactions_Page_1.jpg
Kids and Puppies Interactions_Page_2.jpg

2 Week Schedule

Click the image to view the full schedule. 

HIRE A TRAINER. We cannot stress enough how important it is to set your puppy and family up for success the moment the puppy comes home. 

We provide a schedule to help get you through the first 2 weeks after bringing home your puppy.  

Your puppy has been introduced to crate training. The key to crate training is consistency. Stick with it and be as clear as possible with the puppy. Remember, they don't understand English. 

Crate training is important because it sets the foundation of a well behaved dog. Not only does it keep him safe, he will learn independence and learn the proper toys to play with. Also, it makes potty training much easier!

Key Crate Training Tips:

  • In the beginning, your puppy WILL cry when they go into their crate. Have your sheet ready to pull down as soon as they start protesting. 

  • Keep a few toys and yack cheese in the crate.

  • If the puppy doesn't stop crying after a few minuets, say "QUIET" in a deep momma dog voice. You can also slap the top of the crate. You need to be firm. 

  • It is normal to leave the sheet down every time they go in the crate the first few weeks. We want to be consistent. 

  • Do not take the puppy out of the crate if he is protesting. Only let him out if he has settled down. If he starts crying after he has been quiet, then he has to go potty. 

  • Do not talk to him while he is in the crate. Do not allow your children to stick their fingers in the crate. This taunts the puppy. 

Puppy Go Home Schedule_Page_1.jpg
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