We look forward to meeting you!

Families are invited to visit for one hour. Please be on time, but not early, so that everyone gets their full time slot.

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Families will arrive at their assigned appointment time and meet the available puppies. 

During the visit we will guide families through the process of meeting the puppies. We will talk about temperament and who would be the best match for you family. We encourage families to come with an open mind. Its hard to get the perfect photo of every puppy so we encourage families to not pick based off of a photo. 

During the visit we will answer any questions and go over the puppy's Go Home Packet. 

The Go Home Packet includes:

  • Vaccination Record

  • Deworming Record

  • Microchip Transfer Information

  • 2 Week Puppy Schedule

  • Copy of Adoption Contract

Everyone is encouraged to wear closed toed shoes. We live on a farm and sand/dirt gets into sandals.


You will be asked to step into a shallow pan of bleach/water when you exit your vehicle. Feet can get wet if you wear sandals.


Children’s long hair should be pulled back. Please do not wear long necklaces or large earrings that would encourage the puppy to jump in your face.

Young children should wear long pants, puppies nip and scratch. Children must remain with their parents. Do not allow your children to go into pens, climb on puppy equipment, etc.

* We live on a working farm. We have livestock and farm equipment that could injure a child if left unsupervised. 


  • Plan for final payment. $2500 is due at pick up​

    • We only accept CASH or CASHIERS check

    • If you pay with CASHIERS check, make check payable to JENA BRAUN
      (No PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Personal check or credit card)​

  • Review the Shopping List (Puppy food and crate are the two must have items)

  • Make Veterinarian Appointment

  • Review Contract

  • Hire Trainer or sign up with BAXTER & Bella Online Puppy School

  • Explore Puppy Health Insurance. We highly recommend Trupanion. 



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Under 4 Hour Car Ride (No bathroom breaks):

  • Leash
  • Collar
  • 1-2 towels or throw blankets
  • A few toys

Over 4 Hour Car Ride (bathroom breaks):

  • Leash
  • Collar
  • 2-3 towels or throw blankets
  • Toys
  • Small bowl
  • Water
  • X-Pen
  • Potty pads
Reminder that puppy cannot touch public surfaces and is not leash trained. We recommend setting up an x-pen with potty pads for potty breaks. This will give the puppy an opportunity to stretch their legs as well. PUPPY MUST BE CLOSELY MONITORED WHILE IN X-PEN TO ENSURE THEY DO NOT CLIMB OUT. Example of collapsable x-pen



We need to be serious about protecting out environment! (YOUR puppy's environment)


Do NOT visit any pet shelters, other breeders, verterinarian offices or dog parks within 3 days of picking up your puppy


Do NOT wear shoes that have been to a dog park, veterinarian office, breeder or shelter without washing in bleach

Our Address:

255 M L Collins Rd

Hartshorne OK 74547

We are the first house on the left with the pipe entrance and cattle guard. It is a tan brick house with an American Flag

We have Livestock Guardian Anatolian Shepherds. They will most likely bark and meet you at the driveway.

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