Welcome to the Raising the Breeder Bar, Education and Training Program, by Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles INC.  12 years ago, we became interested in the Australian Labradoodle Breed for the same reasons many people do; loving, people focused, eager to please, low to non- shedding, allergy friendly, beautiful appearance and health testing of parents.  What we were most interested in was the temperament and the potential of the dogs being candidates for Service and Therapy Work.

There are several hundred breeders nationwide.  We stand apart and above by keeping our focus on preserving, improving and promoting the breed with a focus on setting the puppy and family up for success and the potential for Service and Therapy work.  We have created a program that maintains the positive aspects of home breeding, such as one on one attention and socialization, while using education, experience and multiple trade resources to create a professional program that ensures excellent care, buyers education and support with a commitment to set our puppies and families up for success.

Each of our puppies is prepared with the idea that whether they ever wear a Service Vest or not, they will have a foundation starting with physically and mentally healthy parents, excellent socialization, outstanding health care and to place with a family that is prepared for the responsibility.

We are so excited to have you join us on the exciting and rewarding journey of raising Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles.   Please complete the application for RTBB on this page if you would like to schedule a phone appointment.

Raising The Breeder Bar Application
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