Shopping and To - Do List

Interview Trainer

We reccomend either BAXTER and Bella Online Puppy School or conventional in-person training. If you choose in-person training, the trainer should visit your home within 3 days of bringing your puppy home. "Animal Behaviorist" is the key terms you are looking for. DO NOT USE A TRAINER AT PETCO OR ALIKE. Find a professional trainer. We recommed that your trainer do an initial visit in your home to start off on the right track. Group classes can begin at 4 months of age, after all shots have been given. If you choose conventional in person training, BAXTER and Bella can be a great supplimental tool as well!

Make Your First Vet Appointment

Per our contract, puppy needs initial veterinarian visit within 3 business days of pick up from Shadow Mountain. Heath records will be provided to you.

Investigate Pet Insurance offers no waiting period if enrolled online within first 24 hours after picking up puppy from Shadow Mountain. WE STRONGLY RECOMEND PET INSURURANCE. Visit our Pet Insurance Page for more information

Dog Bed

This is the starter bed we recommend. They will outgrown it very quickly, so purchase a basic bed that can be thrown in the wash. This breed tends to like soft beds with a bumper. - Starter Bed - Medium Size We also like throw sized blankets for the sleaping crate. They are easy to wash in case of accidents. - Our favorite blankets

Wire Crate

We buy our crates from Amazon, Chewy or Tractor Supply. This will serve as a safe place for your puppy when they cannot be supervised. We do NOT reccommend a corral. This breed climbs so the corrals are worthless after 9 weeks of age. This crate will help with continuing training and keep your puppy safe. - Double Door Dog Crate Buy crate with 2 doors and a divider. Miniatures - 36" L x 24" W x 27" H Mediums - 42" L x 28" W x 33" H Standards - 48" L x 30" W x 33" H Note that the stated packaging weights may be larger than your puppy will be. This breed stretches out when they sleep. Also, by utilizing the divider, you will just have to purchase one crate, rather then a new crate every month. * We will provide a go home sleeping crate for puppies 8-11 weeeks of age.

Dog Food

Victor High Pro Plus Our puppies will go home eating Victor High Pro Plus unless otherwise stated. Please keep in mind that a growing puppy's appetite will fluxuate as they grow. Some days they will eat 1 cup of food, some days they will eat 3. This this not a breed that naturally overeats. At around 6 months of age we reccomend transfering to an "adult" food with a lower fat and protien content. These are a few of our favorites. Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice All of my adults eat DN - Lamb and Rice. They love it and maintain a great body condition. Victor Professional

Food and Water Bowls

We like metal bowls. Avoid plastic (they turn into chew toys) For the first few weeks, your puppy's meals will be served in his crate. We recomend a small bowl that attaches to your crate. - 4 cup Snappy Fit Crate Bowl This is a water loving breed and sometimes that means you will have a puppy that loves to swim in their water bowl. We recomend keeping water bowls outside. - 24 ounce Water Bowl


We recomend a "cookie" everytime your puppy goes in the crate. - Victor Crunchy Lamb Treat Training treats should be as small as a pea. A child can have 10 M&M's but not 10 pieces of cake. We recomend Zukes brand but any high quality treat is great. - Zuke's Mini Training Treats

Cleaning Solutions

We like Nature's Miracles Products. They have several options depended on your need to clean up accedents. We also like their laundry boosts for bedding accidents. Nature's Miracle


Boutique groomer. NOT PETCO OR PETSMART. Your puppy will need to be groomed every 4 weeks. Your puppy cannot go to the groomer until they are 16 weeks old and have had all their shots. Prior to 16 weeks of age, we recomend weekly baths, brushing and nail trims.

Leash and Collar

Collar: Minatures - Size Extra Small - 3/8 inch x 8-12 inches Mediums and Standards - Size Small - 5/8 inch x 10-14 inches Collar should be light weight with a plastic or metal clasp, not a buckle. Pelase bring your leash and collar with you when you pick up your puppy. The smaller the clasp the better, so it won't be heavy on their neck. Leash Minatures - Size Extra Small - 3/8 inch x 6 ft Mediums - Size Small - 5/8 inch x 6 ft


Avoid super soft toys with squeakers. It encourages them to be destructive. They can eat the squeakers and then you have to make sure the squeaker comes out, one end or the other! We also do not like Kongs that you can fill. Dogs can easily get their tongue or jaw stuck in them. The BEST sleaping buddies (your puppy will come home with one) come from Khol's Cares. The toy designs change but they normally have good options. Khol's Cares Toys Yack Cheese Chews are also a must. There are several brands and sized to pick from Yack Cheese Some of our other Favorites: Plush Moose Balls Hol-ee Ball (These are a must!) Nylabones Bottle Toy Wubba Weave


Two sheets that will completely cover the play crate and sleeping crate. Play Crate: Miniatures - Queen size Mediums and Standards - King size Sleeping Crate All - Twin size