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About Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodle Oklahoma Labradoodle Marvelous Grace
Chocolate Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Pictured is our breeding female Grace and one of her chocolate puppies

What is an Australian 

Australian Labradoodles were first created in Australia in the early 1980’s and were purposefully bred to be Service and Therapy Dogs for people with dog allergies. The original breeds introduced were the Labrador, Standard Poodle, Irish Water Dog and English Cocker Spaniel.

Breeding Dogs

We raise Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. 

What does that mean?

Our labradoodles are a minimum of 4 generations of Australian Labradoodle to Australian Labradoodle breeding (although most are 8 plus generation). We do not have any Labradors or Poodles. 

Where does the "Australian" name come from?

This breed was founded in Australian in the 1980's and was originally created as an alternative service dog for people with allergies. Our dogs come from those original lines. 

How does this make our dogs different than other "doodles"? 

Our dogs multigenerational breeding helps insure a consistent moderate energy level and outgoing and friendly temperament*. They are eager to please and intelligent with a strong desire to be with people. They have non shedding coats** that tend to be allergy friendly***. 

Our breeding dogs are health tested.

Our breeding dogs are all health tested and pass the following tests:

  • OFA - Prelim Hips, Prelim Elbows, Cardiac, Patellar Luxation, CAER

  • PawPrint - DM, VWD, PRA, EIC, IC 

In most cases we have health tested several generations of our puppies parents and grandparents. This history helps ensure that we are raising the healthiest puppies we can. Mother Nature can sometimes surprise us and in those rare cases our puppies have a 2 year health warranty.****

*Every puppy is an individual. Some will be more outgoing and active than others.

**Minor hair loss is expected when brushing. Every dog is different. We will not guarantee a 100% non shedding coat. 

*** There is no such thing as a %100 allergy free dog. Most people with dog dander allergies find that our dog's coats are allergy friendly. 

****We provide our Health Warranty when our adopting families place their deposit. It is the buyer's responsibility to thourouly read and understand the warranty coverage. 


There are 3 recognized sizes of Australian Labradoodles; Miniature, Medium and Standard.

  • Miniatures are under 30 pounds

  • Mediums are 30-45 pounds

  • Standards are over 46 pounds.


Oklahoma Labradoodles rarely has Miniatures under 20 pounds and Standards over 55 pounds.

Oklahoma Labradoodles is only able to give an estimated adult size. You will notice that that available puppies are listed with an "Expected Size" range. For Example, 30-40 lbs. Since we do not breed parents that are exactly the same size, the offspring can be a range.


Australian Labradoodles have hair, not fur. Their coat is generally non shedding and comes in a variety of textures. 

Please keep in mind that minimal hair loss is expected when brushing. We do not guarantee a non shedding coat. 

Our most common texture is fleece. Fleece coats have a wonderfully soft feel. They can be strait, wavy, loose curly or curly. Fleece coats can change as they age. For example, a wavy coat can become curly. 

When puppies are 6-12 months of age their coat will transition from a thinner puppy coat to a thicker adult coat. 


Oklahoma Labradoodles primarily raises Chocolate, Parchment, Café, Lavender, Red, Apricot, Caramel, Caramel Cream and Cream puppies.

Australian Labradoodles have hair, not fur. Like human hair, their coat color can change as they get older. Most puppies who are born chocolate, will get highlights as they age and they will turn Cafe, Lavender, or Parchment. (Sometimes even a mix!) This change can happen at 8 weeks of age, or at 8 years of age. Sometimes their entire coat color changes, or they will just get a highlight spot on their tail or back. If you have any questions about coat colors, please let us know!

Examples of our most common colors are pictured below. 

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