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Transportation Options

Customer Pick Up at Airport

You are welcome to pick up your puppy personally. I am happy to provide transportation for your puppy to the Tulsa International Airport (TUL).  I will provide 2-3 days for you to pick from where I am available to take them to TUL.

I prefer the TUL airport, but if the flights are just not working, I can also meet you at the Will Rogers World Airport (OKC). 

If you chose this options, I will provide a fight bag for your puppy as well as everything he may need for the flight. (a few small toys, blanket, potty pad, leash and collar, etc)

*Puppies must be able to comfortably fit in the flight bag. Standard puppies will only be able to fly within a few days after they turn 8 weeks old. 

A few tips for flying with a puppy in cabin:

  • When you book your flight please be sure to call your airline to book the puppy as well. There is normally an additional fee to travel with a puppy in cabin. 

  • Allow yourself a little extra time to go through airport security. We recommend meeting 2 hours before your flight leaves from TUL. 

  • Check any other luggage you may have. You will have your hands full juggling your puppy and their flight bag. 

  • When you go through security you will need to take your puppy out of their bag and carry them through the walk through metal detector. Remove your shoes, wallet, belt, etc and place them on the luggage conveyer belt before you take them out of the flight bag. The flight bag will also go through the luggage conveyer belt. 

  • Airport security will most likely pull you aside and swab your hands for gunpowder residue.

  • You may find it easiest to cary your puppy though the airport out of their bag. Do not put them on the ground and let them walk (an 8 week old puppy will not be leash trained). Keep their collar and leash on at all times. 

  • The puppy must remain in their bag from "gate to gate". This means that from the moment your group is called to board until you deplane, the puppy must be in their bag. 

  • If you have a layover, you may try to offer a potty break. We recommend using the family bathroom and putting down a few potty pads. ​

Ground Transportation 

We highly recommend Deliffury Pet Transportation! 

Cost typically ranges from $400-$1000. 

Deliffury offers an economic ground transportation which requires a flexible schedule. Deliffury will provide a few day range that the puppy will be picked up / delivered. They work our trip into their schedule so they may make stops along the way to pick up/deliver other dogs.  

Your puppy will be in a private kennel and will have no contact with any other pets on his journey. 

You can read more about their services here -

Flight Nanny

You hire the Flight Nanny of your choice. 

Cost typically ranges from $700-1500

I will provide 2-3 days I am available to transport your puppy to the Tulsa International Airport. (TUL)

Once the day has been decided, you will make all arrangements directly with the nanny of your choice. 

Your puppy will fly in cabin as the Nanny's carry on bag. 

*Puppies must be able to comfortably fit in the flight bag. Standard puppies will only be able to fly within a few days after they turn 8 weeks old. has compiled a list of breeder recommended Flight Nannys.

Airline Cargo Transportation


Cargo transportion is offered through American Airlines PetEmbark. 

Cost: $700

Your puppy will fly directly to your airport of choice (some airports have restrictions but most airports that have AA flights are fine). We believe this is the easiest option for the puppy because they will spend the least amount of time in in transit. The puppy will fly in a special temperature and pressure controlled section in the belly of the plane. 

We makes all of the arrangements and payment for transportation will be added to your final payment due to 24 hours prior to your puppy's flight. 

Prior To Transportation Day

We will provide 2-3 days we are available to deliver your puppy to the airport. You will select your preferred day. Once we have the day established we will make the flight reservation for your puppy. Reservations may only be made within 10 days of the flight so we may not make this reservation right away. To make the reservation we will also need to know the name and address of the person picking up the puppy as it appears on their driver's license as well as their cell phone number.  Once the reservation as been booked, we will provide you with the Airway Bill number as well as flight details. 

Day of Transportation

Your puppy will be checked in 2-3 hours before their flight. I will send you an email once they are checked in to let you know they are on their way! 


What to bring:

  • Drivers Lisense 

  • Credit Card or Debit Card or another form of 2nd ID (The puppy's flight will be paid in full at check in)

  • Baby Wipes or Paper Towels

  • Small Blanket or Towel for the car ride home

  • A few toys

  • Scissors or pocket knife

Puppies are typically ready for pickup 30 minuets after their flight arrives. Please confirm your airport's pick up location at the link below. For most airports, pick up is at the Priority Parcel Service or the American Airlines Baggage Claim desk. 

Air Cargo Facilities 

Your puppy will arrive in a hard plastic crate like the one pictured below. The size will depend on the size of the puppy. Most puppies will fly in crates that are 21 inches or 28 inches long.  Puppies may only travel with a blanket and water/food bowls in their crate. We will send them with a blanket that smells like their mom and littermates. Your puppy's Go Home Packet will arrive to you through email a few days before they fly out. 

Please be aware that it will be a long day for the puppy so there is a very good possibility that they will have an accident in their crate. We recommend bringing baby wipes / paper towels to provide a quick clean up if necessary. The puppy may require a bath once they get home. 

Your puppy's crate will be zip tied close. Most of the pick up desks will cut the zip ties off for you, but we recommend bringing scissors just in case. 

Your puppy may be nervous coming out of their crate. He has had a very busy and unusual day and may feel a little overwhelmed. Use a calm voice and let him come out at his own pace. We know how cute they are but please refrain from screaming ;) I have shipped many dogs over the years and have NEVER had a dog be "traumatized". However, we can remember that this is a baby who has just had quite the adventure and most likely needs some calm snuggles. 

large dog crate used for airline transport
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