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Adoption Process

Welcome to Oklahoma Labradoodles! On this page you will find information about our Adoption Timeline and some Frequently Asked Questions. 

Adoption Timeline:

  1. Complete Adoption Application

  2. Breeder will contact you with puppy availability.

  3. Once you select your puppy/litter, Breeder will send you a deposit request and adoption contract through 

  4. Photo updates are sent every 10-14 days. 

  5. When the puppies are 7 weeks old, they will visit our veterinarian for a wellness check. 

  6. Your puppy will be ready to go home when they are 8 weeks old. Puppies must be picked up by 9 weeks of age. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How often will I receive updates?

A. We will send updates including photos every 10-14 days.


Q. What do our puppies "come with"?

A. Our puppies are current on vaccinations and deworming and have received at least one DHPP vaccination (given at 7 weeks of age) before going home. They have a 2 year health warranty. They have been microchipped and are eligible for automatic enrollment with Trupanion Health Insurance. In their go home bags we include a few of our favorite treats and toys along with their Go Home Packet. 


Q. What is in the Go Home Packet?

A. 7-week wellness exam report, vaccination and deworming record, copy of adoption contract, microchip registration information, Trupanion registration information and the ALAA registration information. We also send the puppies home with a schedule to help get you started with potty training. 


Q. Where do we pick up our puppy?

A. Pick up will be in a public location in McAlester or Wilburton Oklahoma. We do not allow pick up at our property or early visits. 

Q. Can I visit the puppies?

A. We do not allow in-person visits to our property. This is for our puppies and family's safety, and biosecurity. We are firm on this policy. We are happy to arrange a Zoom call with adopting clients so they can see the puppies and our set up. 


Q. How do I pay my deposit?

A. Deposits are paid through Breeder will send you a deposit request that will come to your email.


Q. When are final payments/remaining balances due?

A. Final payment is due at pick up and buyers may choose to use or cash. If you are utilizing a transport service to deliver your puppy, final payment is due 24 hours prior to the puppy leaving us and payment will be made using the platform. 

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