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About Us

Infant with Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Oklahoma Labradoodles Family

Our Story

Welcome to Oklahoma Labradoodles! We are a small, home based breeder located in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. 

Our 15 years of breeding experience has helped us build a breeding program that produces wonderful family companions as well as service and therapy prospects. Our puppies are raised in our home and socialized and handled from birth to help prepare them for their lives with their adopting families. 

We believe in:

  • Health testing all breeding dogs with the minimum of the following tests: 

    • OFA - Prelim Hips, Prelim Elbows, Cardiac, Patellar Luxation, CAER

    • PawPrint - DM, VWD, PRA, EIC, IC 

  • Placing a high value on temperament when selecting breeding dogs

  • Age appropriate socializing and purposeful handling

  • Introduction to Crate Training

  • Introduction to Grooming

  • Veterinarian examination at 7-8 weeks of age

  • Microchipped

  • 2 year health waranty

  • Age appropriate vaccinations and deworming

  • Continuing our ever growing education to best apply the new and best practices when raising our litters

Shadow Mountain 
Australian Labradoodles

Oklahoma Labradoodles is owned by Jena and her husband, Jacob. Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles is owned by Jena's parents, Charl and Jerry. Together for the last 15 years, we have loved and raised the Australian Labradoodle breed. 

Shadow Mountain's "Southern Branch" has been operating for about 10 years now. We have decided it's finally time for us to rebrand our "kennel" name. The main reason for this is that the difference in expenses between Oklahoma and California has become too large, so there is a difference in our adoption fees.

We are now known as Oklahoma Labradoodles and have changed our registration with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America to represent that. 


We still work closely with Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles and our breeding practices remain very similar.



About Our Dogs

We raise Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. 

What does that mean?

Our labradoodles are a minimum of 4 generations of Australian Labradoodle to Australian Labradoodle breeding (although most are 8 plus generation). We do not have any Labradors or Poodles. 

Where does the "Australian" name come from?

This breed was founded in Australian in the 1980's and was originally created as an alternative service dog for people with allergies. Our dogs come from those original lines. 

How does this make our dogs different than other "doodles"? 

Our dog's multigenerational breeding helps insure a consistent moderate energy level and outgoing and friendly temperament*. They are eager to please and intelligent with a strong desire to be with people. They have non shedding coats** that tend to be allergy friendly***. 

Our breeding dogs are health tested.

Our breeding dogs are all health tested and pass the following tests:

  • OFA - Prelim Hips, Prelim Elbows, Cardiac, Patellar Luxation, CAER

  • PawPrint - DM, VWD, PRA, EIC, IC 

In most cases we have health tested several generations of our puppies parents and grandparents. This history helps ensure that we are raising the healthiest puppies we can. Mother Nature can sometimes surprise us and in those rare cases our puppies have a 2 year health warranty.****

*Every puppy is an individual. Some will be more outgoing and active than others.

**Minor hair loss is expected when brushing. Every dog is different. We will not guarantee a 100% non shedding coat. 

*** There is no such thing as a %100 allergy free dog. Most people with dog dander allergies find that our dog's coats are allergy friendly. 

****We provide our Health Warranty when our adopting families place their deposit. It is the buyer's responsibility to thourouly read and understand the warranty coverage. 

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